Admissions Seminar


College Admissions Seminar: The point of this seminar is to de-mystify, simplify and prepare for the student for the upcoming college admissions process. This is much more than a simple college admissions prep program you might find somewhere else.  Students will meet directly with members of the GMC Admissions office. We will conduct mock interviews as well as work on specific college entrance essays. We will discuss extra-curricular work, Advance Placement courses and much more. Whether students choose to apply to GMC or to other schools, this seminar is designed to give students a leg up on navigating the process. Students will create or clarify their own personalized college search plan portfolio focused on their “true identity”. So whether a student is a rising senior (with a unique set of challenges and facing short deadlines) or a rising freshman (with more time to work on their application and extra-curriculars), students will be energized and engaged in the application process.  This college admissions prep camp program is sure to be an important tool for your family.  Make sure to take notes; these sessions are invaluable as they reveal the thought process that goes through the decision-making on the other side of the table!
Led by members of the GMC Admissions Office.

Much more than a simple College Admissions Prep Camp!

Much more than a simple College Admissions Prep Program!