Thank you for your interest in our program! Our program this summer will be the best ever! Between our awesome trips off-campus, and the wonderful community we build on-campus, we intend to be an important formative experience for all of our students.

Our community is very vibrant. Some students love the rope swing jump into the river. Others would never jump in the river but instead want to hang out by the outdoor bonfire and play guitar and sing or hang out. Still others will never do either of those things but will instead host a movie night on campus or take part in a tech challenge with an eye towards sustainability or environmental stewardship. We get akll kinds… that is why our community is so amazing! Come see why!

We are sending you our downloadable PDF right now. If you have any questions or problems downloading please email us at or call us at 866.928.2897.

Also, feel free to click through to our Facebook page to see pictures, posts, and to ‘like’ us!







Take care,

Vermont Summer Academy Staff